It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You

With Thanksgiving this past weekend, I wanted to write a post of gratitude.  In the midst of the good food, football games, and family, last Thursday really gave me some time to pause and reflect on what I’m thankful for.  Of course, there are the big, material things like my clothes, my car, my bed, and my apartment, but honestly I’m most grateful for the people that I have in my life.  They are the ones who make me whole, who bring me laughter, who keep me moving forward.  Since I’ve been in college, it has been easy for me to forget about the individuals that have encouraged me and cheered me on throughout the past four years.  Simply the fact that I will be graduating next May is due so much in part to my family and friends.  My mom, in particular, has been running the race right beside me the entire way – whether it’s been sprinting forward or hardly crawling.  She truly embodies selflessness, and one day I aspire to be like that – a woman who puts others’ needs before her own.  I remember last month I was having a really rough week with school, had bronchitis, and was hardly sleeping.  Every day for two weeks she called me every morning before my classes to make sure that I was awake and headed to class.  It may seem small, but little acts of kindness like that go a long way, and for that I am thankful.  I encourage you, too, to take a moment and reflect on what you’re thankful for.  Maybe it’s also your mom, or maybe it’s a friend or even a pet. I found myself over the past few days reaching out to people in my life that I’ve never thanked for their impact on me.  It’s a humbling process, and I’ve learned that it’s never too late to say thank you.




Crafts and Creativity

Even though I have a blog of my own, it’s always fun when I have the time to browse different blogs.  Some of my favorites things are anything craft, kids, or art related.  Over the summer I had the opportunity to work for an organization that is based out of Phoenix called Free Arts.  Through this organization I had the opportunity to go in to a transitional homeless shelter once a week and facilitate art projects for children.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences to work with them and help them foster their creativity.

Recently I came across a blog of one of my classmates that reminded me of my time at Free Arts.  It’s exciting to read about her experiences and to know there are other people out there influencing the lives of young people through artwork.


I would encourage you to visit her blog Crafts ‘n’ Kiddos — it’s super cute! 



Cherish Friendships

“To cherish friendships with but a chosen few, and to study the perfecting of those friendships”

-Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose

2013-07-19 22.46.20

It’s a rare happenstance when you find that friend that just gets you.  That doesn’t have to always ask you what’s wrong.  That laughs at your quirky personality.  That can appreciate things just because you appreciate them.  I’ve always been an introvert.  Ive never been the girl that had a lot of friends.  Growing up, I mostly kept to myself – always wanting to be included but was never brave enough to venture out and talk to people outside of my close knit circle.  It wasn’t until I got to college and decided to leave everything else behind that things started to change for me.  I had never been interested in Greek life,  but when my world was turned upside-down my sophomore year I thought, what better way to make friends than joining a sorority with over 150 women? I never thought I would find a home in a sorority, let alone a best friend.  The very first time Sam and I met I 1. thought she was crazy & 2. thought she hated me.  Here was this girl — short, bubbly, and full of personality.  I could barely keep up with her! She then continued to give me her wrong number when I mentioned we should hang out sometime (later to find out she has dyslexia so I now forgive her).  Needless to say, I basically never really thought we’d become friends. But today I couldn’t be more grateful for the friendship that we share.  Sam truly exhibits what true friendship should be like.  She reminds me that it’s okay to laugh during the stressful times.  She even tells me I’m wrong when she knows that I need to hear it.  Sometimes there are days when I just need to be reminded that everything is going to be okay & if it’s not — you better believe that Sam will be there to help pick me up, brush me off, and tell me to bet back out there and go get ’em.  Because that’s what friends are for.  That’s what sisters are for.  & I would do the same for her any day.

2013-11-02 23.22.38



Foster Your Creativity

I am often creatively moved when I look at other artists’ work.  I find direction, intention, and clarity for my own work as I explore and appreciate the work of others.  What better opportunity to experience artwork than at the Art Basel – Miami Beach?  For those of you who don’t know, Art Basel is a huge gallery show with over 250 artists and upwards of 50,000 visitors.  I’ve never been,  but I would love to go!  It would be awesome to be immersed in that kind of environment with artists, gallerists, curators, etc. that are all there because they love the arts and are dedicated to promoting galleries.  If you’re interested, here’s the link to the website to learn more about the show:





Don’t go. stay.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 5.09.21 PM

Green means go.  The pie chart is green — all of it.  It’s hard to believe that I just signed up for my last semester of college classes.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a few months, but now that it’s here I wish that time could stop.  That I could just soak up these last few weeks of being president of my sorority.  That I could engrain these memories into my thoughts because I know that after next semester, my whole life will change.  In our chapter, elections for incoming officers for the 2014 calendar year begin in November.  They consist of two weeks of heightened excitement and stress in anticipation for the next wave of leaders.  Lately I’ve found myself so enveloped in the thought of upcoming elections.  Who will be the next president? What will I do with my free time next semester?  Did I do enough?  I keep forgetting that my race isn’t over and that there’s still so much work to be done.  Lately I’ve just been missing the big picture.  As long as I fulfill my duties, lead chapter meetings, and show up on time, my job is done, right?  I remember last January when I was new to my term how much joy I experienced in my position because I allowed myself time to laugh a little and simply go along the experience.  It seems that I’m missing that now.  I’ve been more worried and focused about what I’m going to do and what I have to do than what I’m currently doing.  I think it’s time to change that, and I have six more weeks to do so.  That pie chart may be green, but that doesn’t mean I’m done yet.  Today, green means stay.  Stay in the moment,  enjoy the now, and leave the future for tomorrow.



Minnie Mouse, Matching Shirts, and Disneyland

You know those people that go to Disneyland with their families and they’re all wearing matching shirts, matching Mickey ears, the whole shebang?  I’ve gone to Disneyland ever since I can remember, and to be honest I’ve always said I would never be one of those people.  Until Fall Break.  I did it…I caved.  I became one of “them”.  Myself and 15 of my sorority sisters went on a road trip to Disneyland fully equipped with two days worth of matching attire for a fun-filled weekend of bonding!  Even though the trip was a little bit exhausting (we left at 4:00 am on Sunday morning after I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep the previous night), it was the getaway that I needed with some of my closest friends.  The following pictures give a pretty solid recap of some of my ups and downs of Disneyland.

Proof that I participated in the matching madness:


I felt like royalty for about 3.5 seconds:


I was sometimes 15th wheel…loner in the back:


& I even got to meet Mrs. Mouse herself:


Pure. Joy.



My Perfect Little Studio Space

Bright, colorful, and clean — that’s what I think of when I envision my dream studio space.  Tall, large open windows that flood in natural lighting, pops of color to lift my mood, and organized supplies to keep my mind sane.


If my workspace isn’t clean and organized, I can’t focus — which basically means my future studio will have a lot of storage space.  Bins, boxes, drawers.  All labeled.  The whole she-bang.  To be honest, I can be a very forgetful person so it puts my mind at ease to know that everything has it’s own little home.  I would need everything from American Master’s paper, to mylar, to x-acto knives, and of course the typical charcoal and graphite sets (multiples of each) & everything in between.


Even though I’m not super messy, I would love hard wood floors.  They’re super easy to clean, and if I’m working on a project I don’t want to have to worry about ruining the carpet.

Above all else, what I really want as a part of my studio space is an loft add-on for me to escape my art world and have some time to myself.  Even as a creative, there are just times when I need to take a nap or even journal for thirty minutes.  Writing is my other outlet, so when I’m stuck on an idea or a project, I always turn to my journal.  A cozy, warm loft would be the perfect place to do so.


Image source: Pinterest